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thank you for you time and interest in active steps fitness motivation platform for children.

active steps objective

core objectives of active step challenege is to work with education establishments, teachers, parents to encourage activite lifestyle habits amongst the children, be it walking, running or anything that encourages physical activity.

active steps and curriculum

creating a culture of active lifestyle fits well within the curriculum and benefits can be seen in concentration levels, upbeat mood and increased comprehension in the classroom.

free registration

To kick-start the programme, we are offering free registration to education establishments to collaboratively build a culture of healthy active life style and physical activity

what is active steps

active steps is fitness motivation platform for children walk, run, or dance, keeping steps active in any form, whether at home or at school, is an easy way of staying fit.without trying too hard

what will your school get

upon signup each school will receive

  • free startup kit consisting of active steps promotional poster
  • automatic entry into the active steps school team challenge
  • listing on the leader board
  • fiitest school ” bragging rights

what is expected in return

  • we expect nothing in return except that you encourage as many students to adopt active lifestyle
  • nominate a mentor, some one who we can coordinate with us for future events
  • display active steps promotional poster on the school notice board

register your school today

fill up the form and mentor good health and active lifestyle amongst your students

Thank you

Team activesteps

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Thank you for you time and interest in active steps fitness motivation platform for children.

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When do you win the prize:

Achieve any of the below milestones and win a gift coupon

when you win what you win
1st day of entry gift coupon for Rs 50
level 1 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 100
level 2 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 150
level 3 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 200
level 4 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 250
level 5 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 300

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The Gift Coupon can be redeemed online for any item of your choice against Sellers listed on only.

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