Keeping working hard and add steps to your daily total keep moving up the leaderboard position and improve your chances of win exciting prizes

It’s fun and will only take a minute

get active. win prizes

what is activesteps challenge

active steps challenge is simply being more active every day than everybody else

when can i start

  1. you can start to participate as soon as your registration is complete and your account is activated
  2. don’t forget to buy your own step counter..more

what about my school

  1. you can start even if your school is not registered with us ( we are in touch with your school with a request to register with us )
  2. as soon as your school registers then all your buddies and you automatically become a team representing your school too

format of the challenge

  1. the challenge is made up of 5 levels each level comprises of 20 days a total of 100 day challenge
  2. beyond the 100 days, the provides a 12-month platform to ensure that positive activities lifestyle habits continues throughout the year

what prizes can i win

  1. Prizes are set up online in the form of E-Gift cards which will be delivered on line by posting the link on “my page”
  2. your parents too will setup prizes for you, login to “my page” to know more


when do i win a prize

you start to win prize as soon as you enter your first step count succesfully on your "my page"" you can win more prizes end of each level with highest average steps end of each level

example you win when you

complete level 1- and achieve position 1
complete level 2- and achieve position 1
complete level 3- and achieve position 1
complete level 3- and achieve position 1
complete level 5- and achieve position 1

we intend to add many more prizes as we go along, so keep adding up your steps on "my page"

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Thank you for you time and interest in active steps fitness motivation platform for children.

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Win with Active Steps!

When do you win the prize:

Achieve any of the below milestones and win a gift coupon

when you win what you win
1st day of entry gift coupon for Rs 50
level 1 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 100
level 2 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 150
level 3 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 200
level 4 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 250
level 5 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 300

How you can redeem you gift coupon:

The Gift Coupon can be redeemed online for any item of your choice against Sellers listed on only.

You can also accumulate your gift coupons for a bigger gift of your choice.

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