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It’s simple.


What is is web based fitness motivational platform for children between age 5 and 15 years


Core objectives of is to work with education establishments, teachers, parents to encourage active lifestyle habits amongst the children, be it walking, running or anything that encourages physical activity

How to start?

Getting started is very easy, encourage your child to register with by filling up a simple online form

Pay the registration fee.

Once we receive your child’s registration form we will send you an email where you can complete rest of the form

Pay a small registration fee of INR 450/- so that we activate your child’s account for a 100 day challenge on

Beyond the 100 days, the provides a 12-month platform to ensure that positive active lifestyle habits continues throughout the year

What is active step challenge?

Active step challenge is simply taking more steps every day than anybody else

All you need is a good pair of sports shoes when you step out doors, a personal step counter and you are ready for the active step challenge

Format of the challenge.

The challenge is made up of 5 levels each level comprises of 20 days each

When can I start?

You can start to participate as soon as your registration is complete and your account is activated

Don’t forget to buy your own step counter, if you don’t have one already

Parental motivation

Encourage your child to walk, run, dance, or simply move around enough everyday but without overdoing.

Adding steps on “my page”

1. Count step activity with the help of a step counter

2. Add steps on your personal “my page”. You can enter your step count multiple times a day

3. Missed adding steps. Don’t worry you can add steps for up to 2 missed days

Win prizes

1. Stay ahead on the leader board and win exciting prizes

2. We at have setup 100 day challenge with exciting prizes you can win

3. As a parent you too can set up rewards for your child on “my page”, though a user id and password of your own

Monitor progress

1. It is important that you as a parent monitor the progress periodically

2. Motivate your child to keep entering the steps on “my page” every day. Check out the sample “my page”

3. More steps activity mean better health besides winning exciting prizes


Creating a culture of active lifestyle fits well within the curriculum and benefits can be seen in concentration levels, upbeat mood and increased comprehension in the classroom

What Payment Modes are accepted?

We accept payments through following methods:

    • Credit Cards
    • Debit Cards
    • Net Banking

Cheque / Demand Drafts

Is registration with safe?

Absolutely safe!

Since we use a third party payment gateway from CCA Avenue which is being used widely in India for airlines, railways, hotels and many other e-commerce sites. You should be as confident as we are about the secure payment method. CCA Avenues also protected under Verisign trust seal. This seal ensures you get the safest shopping experience.

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Win with Active Steps!

When do you win the prize:

Achieve any of the below milestones and win a gift coupon

when you win what you win
1st day of entry gift coupon for Rs 50
level 1 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 100
level 2 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 150
level 3 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 200
level 4 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 250
level 5 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 300

How you can redeem you gift coupon:

The Gift Coupon can be redeemed online for any item of your choice against Sellers listed on only.

You can also accumulate your gift coupons for a bigger gift of your choice.

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