Active children do better

Dear parent

we are thrilled that you as a parent are interested in providing your child a active healthy lifestyle,

Getting Started

Its easy. encourage your child to register with active steps. Get your child a nice pair of sports shoes and a step counter (also called pedometer). More

Pay the registration fee

Once we receive your child registration form we will send you a email where you can complete rest of the form and pay a small registration fee INR 450 so that we activate your child’s account

Motivate your child

We at active steps have setup exciting prozes your child can win by adding up steps, more steps mean better health besides winning exciting prizes

Set up rewards for your child

as a parent you too can set up rewards for your child on “my page”, though a user id and password of your own

Monitor progress

It is important that you as a parent monitor the progress periodically and motivate the child to keep entering the steps on “my-page”

Over stepping

Surprisingly enough we have heard that some kids enter more steps than they actually take per day although we find it hard to believe, we therefore rather have you as a parent to validate the steps.

We will send the email to the parent about the steps we feel are above the average and only when the parents approve these steps, it then will get added to the total steps taken by your child.

Pay up the registration fee and gift your child good health and active lifestyle

Thank you

Team activesteps

Get Your Own Step Counter Today!

Basic step counter

Most basic pedometers come with single function and are good to get you started these have to be worn on your waist band with a clip.

Motion sensor step counter

These can be worn anywhere on the body including in your pocket, or like a wrist band or carried in the bag.

Smart phone Apps

There are a number of free apps available that record your steps just as a pedometer would do.,talk to your parent they will help you get one

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Thank You!

You have successfully registered with us!

Thank you for you time and interest in active steps fitness motivation platform for children.

Team active steps

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Win with Active Steps!

When do you win the prize:

Achieve any of the below milestones and win a gift coupon

when you win what you win
1st day of entry gift coupon for Rs 50
level 1 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 100
level 2 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 150
level 3 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 200
level 4 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 250
level 5 position 1 gift coupon for Rs 300

How you can redeem you gift coupon:

The Gift Coupon can be redeemed online for any item of your choice against Sellers listed on only.

You can also accumulate your gift coupons for a bigger gift of your choice.

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