About Active Steps

Active steps in fitness motivation platform for children
walk, run or dance, keeping your steps active in any form, whether at home or at school or out with friends, is a easy way of staying fit without trying too hard.

Why Active Steps?

because there are many benefits!

strengthen the heart, builds stamina, build strong bones, strengthen muscles, maintain flexibility, help achieve and maintain a healthy weight, promote good posture and balance, improve physical self-esteem, enhance healthy growth and development, increase relaxation help you focus on studies

How active should I be

  • Each one of you is different and hence your activity levels will also be different
  • You should walk, run, dance, or simply move aoround enough evreyday but without overdoing.
  • We dont suggest how how much, but it will help you to do roughly 2500 to 5000 steps counts per day, spread through the day

Know about step counter

What is a step counter?

step counter (also called as pedometer) is a battery-powered, very easy to use, match box-sized device worn on your belt that records and displays the number of steps you take

Using a step counter

  • clip your pedometer onto your waistband or belt.
  • ensure that the pedometer is lined up above your knee cap.
  • set the counter to zero and walk 20 steps and check the display to ensure steps are recorded
  • change the battery as soon as you notice the digital display fading.
  • treat your pedometer with care do not shake or drop your pedometer.

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Get Your Own Step Counter Today!

Basic step counter

Most basic pedometers come with single function and are good to get you started these have to be worn on your waist band with a clip.

Motion sensor step counter

These can be worn anywhere on the body including in your pocket, or like a wrist band or carried in the bag.

Smart phone Apps

There are a number of free apps available that record your steps just as a pedometer would do.,talk to your parent they will help you get one.

There are range of pedometers you can pick from the market or buy one online

Choose a pedometer that suits your need and budget, get one now and start counting your step activity

Buy your activation code along with a step counter from our online store. We will courier the code and step counter at your door step.

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